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mythsandlegendsgreatdanes.netIowa Dog Breeders

Welcome to Myths & Legends Great Danes, home of American and European Great Danes. We want to thank you for coming and visiting us. We are located near the beautiful Losses Hills of Iowa. Our Great Danes are more than part of the family ... these magnificent dogs ARE my family.

The Great Dane is one of the most elegant and distinguished of all the giant breeds. They're very intelligent, loving and make great family pets. There are really no words to describe such a dog, for each and every one is truly a Myth & Legend.

Great Dane

Silver Mountain's Chihuahuas & Cane CorsosIowa Dog Breeders
Silver Mountain's
Chihuahuas & Cane Corsos

I am a small hobby breeder striving to produce show quality pups. AKC registered. Burgundy bloodlines.

Chihuahua         Cane Corso

Cimarron European BoxersIowa Dog Breeders
Cimarron European Boxers

Breeders of AKC American and European Champion Bloodline Boxers. Breeding for Health, Temperament, and Confirmation. High Quality Show and Companion Puppies Available Now!


Aj Kennels Cocker SpanielsIowa Dog Breeders
Aj Kennels

We strive to produce pet and show cocker puppies in a variety of colors including Solids, Parti's, Sables and Roans. Most of our cocker puppies have nice champion pedigree's with either one or both parents being Champions. Our puppies are raised by our family and socialized around children and other cockers. AKC registered.

Cocker Spaniel

Myths and Legends Great DanesIowa Dog Breeders
Myths and Legends Great Danes

American and European lines in Great Danes,we offer from our home,pet and show quality Great Danes. With many champions in there bloodlines and the best dispositions they truely are Gentle Giants.

Great Dane